What's Next, Los Angeles? with Mike Bonin

Sorry, Not Sorry

October 18, 2023 Mike Bonin
What's Next, Los Angeles? with Mike Bonin
Sorry, Not Sorry
Show Notes

"Sorry, Not Sorry!" 

That's essentially the message of Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, who spent the past week on a faux apology tour, trying to rewrite the history of the racist Fed Tapes scandal, and portray themselves, ridiculously, as the victims. Mike talks about it with Jelani Hendrix, former president of Black Los Angeles Young Democrats, Dr. Diandra “Dr Dee” Bremond, former board member of BLAYD, and Marco Santana, Democratic activist and former candidate for Council District Six.

Important Commentary:

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Gustavo Arellano on their BS excuses and use of Spanglish
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Sahra Suleiman on the Seething Anti-Black Racism of KDL
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Mike's Guests
Marco Santana - @marco4la on IG/threads, @MarcoforLA on X
Jelani Hendrix - JHendrix_4Prezident on IG
Dr. Dee Bremond- @mlkofthenewday on IG